Night Town -SexCity- Sample (5/21 Updating)

This is tailing in the park of night.
It is a right picture that the man is stooping down and hiding.
Since a girl's look does not pass if a man stoops down, the man can hide.(5/20)

This is tailing in a ground.
In a right picture ,There is a policeman who is patrolling the ground.
If found by the policeman, you are caught by police checkup.(5/20)

This is tailing at a subway station.
A girl's move course differs from a trial version. (5/20)

This is tailing in a residential section.
Since the house has not been created yet, I have placed the silhouette of a house instead.(5/20)

The hero can hide at a specific place. If a hero hides, he will not be found by the girl.
The hero can hide also between a car and a wall. There is a place in which a hero otherwise hides variously.(5/26)

This is peeping into the girl who is using the cellular phone in the park.
The right peeps into the masturbation in a toilet.
Although the left is only appreciation, the right supports masturbation by mouse click.(5/20)

A mean molestation's hand attacks a girl.
You look for a girl's click point by mouse click. (5/20)

Sleeping Sex
Both are inserting the finger in a vagina.
You look for a girl's click point by mouse click also here. (5/20)

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